Anter / Inter

Anter je bio devetnaesti papa, nasljednik Poncijana od 21. studenog 235. do 3. siječnja 236.
Bio je papa jako kratko, samo jedan mjesec i deset dana. Ne zna se puno o njemu. Njegovo ime, vjerojatno znači, da je bio oslobođeni rob. Umro je za vrijeme progona cara Maksimina Tračanina. Pokopan je u papinskoj kripti u Rimu. Slavi se kao svetac.

Inter es una compañía venezolana que se especializa en prestar servicios de telefonía, Internet y televisión por cable.
Inter es parte de la corporación privada estadounidense Hicks, Muse Tate & Furst. Inició operaciones en 1995 en la ciudad de Barquisimeto hasta expandirse hasta el final de 2006. Se consolida en el primer lugar de operadores de televisión por suscripción de Venezuela; contando con 430.000 clientes, un 39% del mercado, mientras que su más cercano competidor, DirecTV, posee un 36,5%.


In Unix-like operating systems, /dev/random is a special file that serves as a random number generator or as a pseudorandom number generator. It allows access to environmental noise collected from device drivers and other sources. Not all operating systems implement the same semantics for /dev/random. Linux was the first operating system to implement a true random number generator in this way.

Invisible Monsters

You can't base your life on the past or the present. You have to tell me about your future.

Chuck Palahniuk (1962 - ), Invisible Monsters, 1999


In vector calculus, the gradient of a scalar field is a vector field which points in the direction of the greatest rate of increase of the scalar field, and whose magnitude is the greatest rate of change.

A generalization of the gradient for functions on a Euclidean space which have values in another Euclidean space is the Jacobian. A further generalization for a function from one Banach space to another is the Fréchet derivative.


La victoire en chantant

Nous ouvre la barrière.
La Liberté guide nos pas.
Et du Nord au Midi
La trompette guerrière
A sonné l'heure des combats.
Tremblez ennemis de la France
Rois ivres de sang et d'orgueil.
Le Peuple souverain s'avance,
Tyrans descendez au cercueil.

La République nous appelle
Sachons vaincre ou sachons périr
Un Français doit vivre pour elle
Pour elle un Français doit mourir.


Cosmic rays may broadly be divided into two categories, primary and secondary. The cosmic rays that arise in extrasolar astrophysical sources are primary cosmic rays; these primary cosmic rays can interact with interstellar matter to create secondary cosmic rays. The sun also emits low energy cosmic rays associated with solar flares. The exact composition of primary cosmic rays, outside the Earth's atmosphere, is dependent on which part of the energy spectrum is observed. However, in general, almost 90% of all the incoming cosmic rays are protons, about 9% are helium nuclei (alpha particles) and nearly 1% are electrons. The ratio of hydrogen to helium nuclei (28% helium by mass) is about the same as the primordialelemental abundance ratio of these elements (24% by mass He) in the universe.

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Radio frequencies occupy the range from a few tens of hertz to three hundred gigahertz, although commercially important uses of radio use only a small part of this spectrum. Other types of electromagnetic radiation, with frequencies above the RF range, are microwave, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays and gamma rays. Since the energy of an individual photon of radio frequency is too low to remove an electron from an atom, radio waves are classified as non-ionizing radiation.

A boy is a young male human (usually child or adolescent), as contrasted to its female counterpart, girl, or an adult male, a man.
The term "boy" is primarily used to indicate biological sex distinctions, cultural gender role distinctions or both. The latter most commonly applies to adult men, either considered in some way immature or inferior, in a position associated with aspects of boyhood, or even without such boyish connotation as age-indiscriminate synonym. The term can be joined with a variety of other words to form these gender-related labels as compound words.
Ongoing debates about the influences of nature versus nurture in shaping the behavior of girls and boys raises questions about whether the roles played by boys are mainly the result of inborn differences or of socialization. Images of boys in art, literature and popular culture often demonstrate assumptions about gender roles.

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